M. Pilar Muñoz

M. Pilar Muñoz

M. Pilar Muñoz
PhD in computer science from Technical University of Catalonia (UPC)
Associate Professor atTechnical University of Catalonia (UPC)

Personal webpage

email: pilar.munyoz@upc.edu


Current and previous positions
From my Doctoral Thesis (1988) until now, my professional career is divided in research, teaching and consulting, being the research and teaching what most attracted me.


Prizes, awards, honors, distinctions

A GEE-moving average analysis of the relationship between air pollution and mortality for asthma in Barcelona, (1999) Spain. ISSN0277-6715
This articlereceivedthe Mention:VIIMerck,Sharp &DohomeofSpainPrize for bestarticleon epidemiological research. Authors: M. Saez, A.Tobias, M. P. Muñoz, M. J. Campbel

Nameof the award: Competition for theBestPosterprizePresentedDonated
by theASC (2002). Job name:Estimationofdynamicmodelsusingkerneldensity.
Rating:HighlyCommended.Authors:X.Font,M. P. Muñoz, M.Martí-Recober


Doctoral Thesis

Estimation of ARMA(p,q) parameters by means of optimal filtering algorithms (in Catalan).
UPC (23/06/1988). Author: M. P. Muñoz. Advisor: J. Pagés.

Particle filtering estimation for linear and nonlinear state-space models. UPC (29/11/2013).
Author: Lesly M. Acosta. Advisor: M. Pilar Muñoz


Research Interests

  • Time series analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Particle filtering
  • Epidemiology
  • Energy Markets


Selected publications

  • Improving electricity market price forecasting with factor models for the optimal generation bid
    Authors: Muñoz Gracia, Maria delPilar; CorcheroGarcía, Cristina; Heredia Cervera, Fco. Javier.
    International statistical reviewVol. 81, num. 2, p. 289-306. DOI: 10.1111/insr.12014. Published:2013-08
  • Estimate of influenza cases using generalized linear, additive and mixed models. Authors: Oviedo de La Fuente, Manuel; DomínguezGarcía, Angela; Muñoz Gracia, Maria delPilar. Human Vaccines &Immunotherapeutics. Vol. 11, num. 1, p. 298-301.DOI: 10.4161/hv.36168. Published: 2015-01
  • Geographical difference in whooping cough in Catalonia, Spain, from 1990 to 2010.
    Authors: Crespo, Inma; Soldevila, Nuria; Muñoz Gracia, Maria delPilar; Godoy, Pere; Carmona, Gloria; DomínguezGarcía, Angela. BMC public health. Vol. 268, num. 41, p. 1-15
    DOI: 10.1186/1471-2458-14-268. Published: 2014-03
  • Are electricity prices affected by Exchange rates? The Spanish case.
    Muñoz Gracia, Maria del Pilar; Dickey, David A. Energyeconomics.Vol. 31, num. ISSUE 6, p. 857-866,
    DOI: 10.1016/j.eneco.2009.05.011. Published: 2009-11
  • A statistical model to estimate the impact of a hepatitis A vaccination programme.Oviedo de La Fuente, Manuel; Muñoz Gracia, Maria del Pilar; Domínguez García, Angela; Borras,Eva; Carmona, Gloria. Vol. 26, p. 6157-6164. DOI: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2008.08.066. Published: 2008-11

Competitive projects

Space-time models for wind power generation (in Spanish). Authors: Muñoz Gracia, Maria delPilar (IP);Fuentes, Montserrat; Oviedo, Manuel; Sánchez Espigares, José Antonio. 01/2010-12/2013

Forecasting andoptimizationof wind powerinenergymarkets–1 .Authors; CorcheroGarcía, Cristina; Fernández, Eugenio Juan; Fuentes, Montserrat; Heredia Cervera, Fco. Javier; Marcos Julio; Marquez Cebrian, Maria Dolores; Mijangos Rides Flores, Muñoz Gracia, Maria delPilar; Sanchez Espigares, José Antonio. IPs: Muñoz Gracia, M. Pilar, Heredia Cervera, Fco. Javier. 01/2014-12/2016