José Tomás Lázaro

José Tomás Lázaro

José Tomás Lázaro
PhD in mathematics, from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)
Associate Professor at UPC

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Former assistent professor at UPC.

Current position: associate professor at UPC.


Research Interests

Reversible systems (odes and maps), limit cycles and local 16th  Hilbert problem, biological models, Picard-Vessiot theory.


Selected publications

  • Castillo, V.; Lázaro, J. Tomás; Sardañés, J.. Dynamics and bifurcations in a simple quasispecies model of tumorigenesis. Computational and applied mathematics. 2015
  • Acosta-Humánez, P.; Lázaro, J. Tomás; Morales, J.; Pantazi, C.. On the integrability of polynomial vector fields in the plane by means of Picard-Vessiot theory. Discrete and continuous dynamical systems. Series A. , 2015. Vol 35. Number 5. Pages 1767 – 1800
  • Delshams, A.; Gonchenko, S.; Gonchenko, V.; Lázaro, J. Tomás; Stenkin, O.. Abundance of attracting, repelling and elliptic periodic orbits in two-dimensional reversible maps. Nonlinearity, 2013. Vol 26. Pages 1 – 33.
  • Gasull, A.; Lázaro, J. Tomás; Torregrosa, J.. Upper bounds for the number of zeroes for some Abelian integrals. Nonlinear analysis, theory, methods and applications, 2012. Vol 75. Number 13. Pages 5169 – 5179
  • Gasull, A.; Lázaro, J. Tomás; Torregrosa, J.. On the Chebyshev property for a new family of functions. Journal of mathematical analysis and applications. 2012. Vol 387. Number 2. Pages 631 – 644.
  • Delshams, A.; Lázaro, J. Tomás. Pseudo-normal form near saddle-center or saddle-focus equilibria. Journal of differential equations, 2005. Vol 208. Number 2. Pages 312 – 343