Jordi Guàrdia

Jordi Guàrdia

Jordi Guàrdia
PhD in Mathematics from Universitat de Barcelona
Associate ProfessoratUniversitat Politècnica de Catalunya

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My research interests range from Arithmetic Geometry to Computational Number Theory. In the geometrical context, I have focused my interest on the computation of equations of curves from their period matrices. On the computational side, I have developed some software packages related to modular curves. During the last years I have been mainly involved with Montes algorithm and its applications.

Research Interests

  • Computational Number Theory
  • Arithmetic Geometry


Selected publications

  • Genetics of polynomials over local fields, J. Guàrdia& E. Nart, Contemporary Mathematics, 637 (2015), pp. 207-241
  • A new computational approach to ideal theory in number fields, J. Guàrdia, J. Montes & E. Nart, Foundations of Computational Mathematics, 13 (2013), no. 5, pp. 729-762
  • Arrels germàniques de la matemàtica contemporània, P. Bayer, J. Guàrdia& A. Travesa, Institutd’EstudisCatalans, ISBN 978-84-9965-119.4, Barcelona (2012)
  • Genus two curves with quaternionic multiplication and modular jacobian, J. González-Rovira, & J. Guàrdia, Mathematics of Computation, 78 (2009), pp. 575-589
  • Jacobian Nullwerte, periods and symmetric equations for hyperelliptic curves, J. Guàrdia, Annales de l’InstitutForier, 57, no.4 (2007), pp. 1253-1283