Isabel Serra

Isabel Serra

Isabel Serra
PhD in mathematics from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Postdoctoral Researcher at CRM

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Current position at CRM as postdoctoral researcher in complex system group to la Caixa Postdoc fellow in programme of collaborative mathematical research programme since September 2014. Previously,

I was Research personnel in training at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.


Research Interests

  • Extreme value theory
  • Statistical modelling of natural hazards
  • Methods for risk analysis
  • Applied operational research


Selected publications

  • Isabel Serra;  Álvaro Corral. (2015) Statistical tests for the tail of the seismic moment distribution of global shallow earthquake. Current Topics on Risk Analysis. Editorial Fundación Maphre, ISBN: 978-84-9844-496-4
  • Joan del Castillo; Isabel Serra. (2015) Likelihood inference for Generalized Pareto distribution. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 83, 116 – 128
  • Joan del Castillo; Isabel Serra. New realistic methodology to model the extremes value (2014). Statistical and Biometrical Challenges, Shaker Verlag, 23, 67 – 73. ISBN 978-3-8440-2680-1
  • Joan del Castillo; Isabel Serra. (2013) A good methodological approach for parameter estimation of the generalized Pareto distribution. Extremes in Vimeiro Today, 83, ISBN 978-989-733-023-0