Carlos Currás

Carlos Currás

Carlos Currás
PhD in mathematics from University of  Barcelona
Professor at University of Barcelona



Graduate in Mathematics at the University of Barcelona (1971).
Ph.D in Mathematics at the University of Barcelona (1977).
Supervised 3 Ph.D in Mathematics.


Current and previous positions

  • Professor at the University of Barcelona
  • Associate Professor at the University of Barcelona

Main scientific achievements

Contributions to the study of isometric immersion, infinitesimal isometries.
Results of preservation of totally geosic and minimal foliations under infinitesimal isometries.
Results of determination ot the germ of neighborhood of a Lagranian leaf in symplectic manifolds.


Research Interests

  • Differential and Riemannian Geometry
  • Foliation theory
  • Symplectic Geometry


Selected publications

  • Linéarisation symplectique en dimension 2, Canadian Mathematical Bulletin-Bulletin Canadien de Mathematiques, vol.44, Nr 2, pp 129-139. (2001).
  • Symplectic linearization of singular lagrangian foliations in $M^4$, with Eva Miranda, Differential Geometry and its Applications, vol. 18, Nr. 2, pp 195-205, (2003).
  • Lagrangian holonomy; Characteristic elements of a Lagrangian foliation, with Pierre Molino, Annali della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa,  Serie V, vol. I, Fasc. 2, pp 319-326, (2002).
  • Singular cotangent model, Glasgow Mathematical Journal, vol. 57, Nr. 2, pp 415-430, (2015).