BGSMath Research Areas


A reorganization by areas is on its way.

13 Commutative algebra; 16 Associative Rings and Algebras; 17 Nonassociative Rings and algebras; 20 Group theory and generalizations

Research group Contact person
Commutative, Combinatorial and Computational Algebra (C3A) Joan Elias
Ring Theory Pere Ara
Barcelona Group Theory Enric Ventura

26 Real functions; 28 Measure and integration; 30 Functions of a complex variable; 32 Several complex variables and analytic spaces; 41 Potential Theory; 42 Harmonic analysis on Euclidean spaces; 46 Functional analysis

Research group Contact person
Complex Analysis Joaquim Ortega
Geometric analysis in the Euclidean space Xavier Tolsa
Dirichlet Space, Square Functions and Tails Artur Nicolau
Harmonic Analysis and Approximation Theory Sergey Tikhonov
Real and Functional analysis Javier Soria
Anàlisi Complexa i Harmònica Joan Mateu
Anàlisi Harmònica i Complexa Joan Orobitg
Number Theory

54 General Topology; 55 Algebraic topology

Research group Contact person
Barcelona Algebraic Topology Jaume Aguadé
Geometry and Algebraic Topology Carles Casacuberta