BGSMath Colloquium

The BGSMath Colloquium is an event that takes place twice every academic year at Institut d’Estudis Catalans (IEC). It usually consists of some introductory part about the BGSMath News, followed by one or more mathematical talks given by prestigious mathematicians.

BGSMath Colloquium – Fall 2016

Colloquium BGSMath – Fall 2016
Professor Michel Ledoux, from Université de Toulouse, will give the talk “How does the heat equation explore geometric and functional inequalities?”

BGSMath Scientific Day

The Scientific day of BGSMath took place on 8th of June with interesting presentations about Cobordism Theory and the mathematical modeling of the motility of euglena cells.

Jornada Científica BGSMath

In June 8 will take place the annual BGSMath Scientific Meeting. The external members of the Advisory Scientific Committee will be present at the meeting.